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October 16, 2018
I think my parents are heading for a divorce. I am facing immense emotional trauma and am unable to study or do anything.
October 24, 2018
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I know that we are not rich and I cannot spend like my friends, but I feel bad because of constraints. Please help me.


I am an 18-years-old college student. My problem is that my friends go out for parties and spend a lot of money in eating out in restaurants etc, whereas my parents do not give me enough pocket money for freaking out. I am frustrated because I am unable to do what my friends do. I know that we are not rich and I cannot spend like my friends, but I feel bad that the good years of my life are being wasted because of constraints. Please help me.

I can understand your feelings. I also find that you are very perceptive and understanding of your dilemma. Having secured admission in a good college for higher education, you should feel proud of your achievements. I am sure you are also aware how crucial the next few years will be in building your future.

Try to look at the positive things of life. Never allow yourself to feel inferior to your friends just because you are unable to spend like them. Imagine if you do well and become a successful manager, an IT professional, an IAS officer or any dream designation that you aspire for, how much your friends would admire your achievements. Once you set a goal for yourself you will also be able to divert your mind from the artificial pleasures of your friends.

Hence, to get over these disappointments, the best thing you can do is to think positively, set a goal for yourself, work towards the goal systematically and find happiness in spending time with your parents, sister or brother and others and those who think high and have a clear goal for themselves.


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