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July 16, 2019
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July 16, 2019
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I have no will-power

I am a student of standard XII and I am from a middle class family. My dad is an IT consultant, but due to the fall of IT my family is facing many financial problems. But still they go through everything with the determination to make me a doctor. They pay so much for my tuition expenses more than what they have. I want to be a doctor but my ambition seems like a dream which may not come true due to my lack of confidence. I have no will-power or self-control. I cut school just to watch Korean dramas. I lie to my parents that I am using the Internet to clarify my doubts but I secretly read books online or watch dramas. I know that what my parents are going through is much worse than anyone can think of. There are few more months left for the board exams and I am still unprepared. I am scared to face my NEET examination. I get distracted easily and I want to sleep a lot. I have the capacity to score well when I study but I do not concentrate. I badly want to become a doctor. My relatives and family are expecting me to enter MED on merit. I know I can never reach my goal if I keep doing this. I read your blog a lot; your advice helps me in many ways. I hope you can advice me on this.

You know that your “family is facing many financial problems” yet they pay so much for your “tuition expenses” because, out of love for you, they want you to become a doctor. You too “badly want to become a doctor” yet, a few months away from your board exams, you are “still unprepared”, “do not concentrate” and “want to sleep a lot”. Look at the faces of your parents, struggling to help you in spite of so many family problems and feel ashamed of telling lies to them, being lazy and neglecting your studies, though you know that you “have the capacity to score well when you study”. You are aware that you “can never reach your goal” if you “keep doing this”. If you continue like this you will waste your life and make your family suffer. If you work hard and become a doctor you will be able to help your family overcome their financial problems and make them happy. Don’t you love your parents? Don’t you want to help them? Don’t you feel ashamed? Don’t you fear God? Awake from your irresponsible behaviour and work hard to achieve your goal.


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