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I have a lot of friends and it sometimes becomes difficult to ask them to leave me alone

I’m in Class XII. I have a lot of friends and love their company. But with Board examinations just months away, it sometimes becomes difficult to ask them to leave me alone. They keep coming home or want to keep talking to me over the phone. How can I gently make them understand my concerns?

It’s good to be with your friends but having fun with them should not hinder preparations for your examinations. Be assertive without being aggressive. With your phone, you have control over the time you speak. You can always tell your friends you have to study and will call them when you are free. Good friends will definitely understand your needs as well. Here are a few tips to be assertive.

Understand assertiveness: Stand up for yourself without hurting the feelings of others. Speak directly and be honest.
Communication: The manner and style of communication is very important in being assertive. Pay attention to your body language and the words you speak. Never expect people to read your mind. Speak up for yourself.
Understand and accept difference: Everyone has their own viewpoints. Be open in hearing out others’ opinions as well. Don’t get angry or upset when there are differences in opinions.
The power of “I”: Never say “you”. Rather make it a habit to say “I feel” or “I think”. Show genuineness in your expressions.
Stay calm: By being calm, you make it clear to the others what you want.


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