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September 1, 2020
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September 8, 2020
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I have a crush on my senior

I study in an all-girls school and I have a crush on my senior. I have confessed my feelings towards her; however she doesn’t have any feelings towards me and I’m fine with it. But when I’m texting with her she calls me by names which couples would use and even says ‘I love you’ and that I make her happy. I’m really confused about what she means.

While your senior has said that she doesn’t return your feelings, you are puzzled about what her text messages really mean. It is quite possible that she is enjoying the attention that you are giving her. If yes, then she might just be playing with your feelings by using terms of endearment that couples use. More importantly, by texting her, you are setting yourself up to be hurt because you might actually begin to believe that she likes you in return.

In an all-girls setting, it is quite normal to have a ‘crush’ or to ‘hero-worship’ a senior of the same gender, so it is quite likely that this is a temporary situation. It is best that you stop interacting with her and instead focus on your friendships and on discovering your potential.


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