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July 16, 2019
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July 17, 2019
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I hate myself and my life!

On entering Std XI, I have been least concerned about myself. I don’t try to study and get distracted by different thoughts especially of my former boyfriend. I have made a timetable for my studies but don’t follow it. I get into arguments with my parents. Sometimes I have thoughts of killing myself. I feel like I am a loser and can’t do anything. I completely wasted this session and the boards are coming up in April. My grades are going down and my performance in sports too. Sometimes I miss my boyfriend whom I left due to family pressure and talk to him even after promising my family not to do so. I am also confused about whether to carry on my relationship with him or end everything. I have started hating myself! Please help me.

It is shocking to read that at the tender age of 16 you “have started hating” yourself and are “least concerned about” yourself and get into arguments with your parents. You even have thoughts of killing yourself. You do not study and your grades are going down and feel that you are “a loser and can’t do anything”. Remember that your life is a precious gift from GOD, who loves you and is always ready to help you in moments of need. He has given you your parents and the possibility of getting a good education and building a good future. Awake from your negative approach to life and your irresponsible behaviour. Spend some time in prayer to God every day and share your problems with a good teacher or college counsellor who knows you and can give you proper guidance. Stop complaining and start living the beautiful gift of your life.


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