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August 2, 2019
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I hate my dad

I’m 18 years old and still my dad doesn’t allow me to do anything. He always tries to control my life which I hate the most. He tells me not to wear T-shirts and jeans, not to roam with friends, not to talk to boys, etc. Even though I’m a college-going girl i have to give him a missed call when I reach or leave college. I had no problem doing this when I was younger, but now I feel ashamed. He doesn’t trust me at all. He blames me for every reason. I just hate him like anything. We have a fight every two days. I’m fed up of my life. Please help me.

It is painful to read that you have a serious problem in the relationship with your father: “He always tries to control my life” and “He doesn’t trust me at all” and “He blame me for every reason”. Your father seems afraid that you may get into some trouble or danger and wants to know everything about your day-today activities. You cannot handle this situation alone as you have reached the point of hating him and being fed up with your life. In your letter you do not mention your mother; if she is in the family you should share this with her and get some help. If she is not in the family you should confide your problem to a close relative or family friend who could take up this matter with your father and help you.


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