I create timetables, but it doesn’t work for me
January 16, 2020
My problem is that, during my monthly cycle, I like to be exempted from sports and games, because I feel very uncomfortable
January 16, 2020
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I get very tensed and angry when I am asked to study all the time

My worry is about holidays. It is worse than school days-all that my parents keep harping on is studies and more studies. But I want to have a good break. I am in Class XI and really look forward to Christmas vacations. I know for sure they won’t allow me to relax during summer holidays because I will be moving to Class XII. I get very tensed and angry when I am asked to study all the time. How do I handle this?

I totally agree with you that breaks are very important to work effectively. How effectively we use our time is important. Also, looking at a year with intense studies ahead, a holiday is necessary. Your parents’ anxiety and concerns about your future are genuine. At the same time, they must understand that a calm and composed mind is very important for effective studying. Discuss with your parents their concerns. Give them the confidence that you will focus on your studies. Getting angry will not solve the problem. Instead, talk to them and express your feelings. Your parents may be worried that a holiday could distract you completely. Discuss your plans with them and act accordingly. Also remember that the quality of time spent studying is important and not the number of hours you put in.


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