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September 4, 2019
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September 4, 2019
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I get jealous when my best friend is with her

I always get jealous when my best friend is with her friend. She doesn’t talk to me because she is busy with her friend all the time. Now she doesn’t share things with me. She even ignores me sometimes. I don’t know what to do now.

You must be feeling very upset, hurt and angry that the person you consider to be your best friend doesn’t return your feelings and share things with you, but instead ignores you.

Ask your friend for time to sit and talk this through. If she agrees, then you can share your feelings and listen to what she feels as well. If she doesn’t respond, unfortunately there is nothing that you can do to make her spend time with you.

While it is important to feel the pain, but not for a long time, so you will need to deal with your feelings and also keep your self-esteem up. Use the power of your feelings to help you find out what you’re good or to become better at something you have a talent for – perhaps some sport? Art? Writing? Dramatics? You can also keep a journal of your feelings.

Also look for new friends who share your ideas and interests. The fortunate thing is that each one of us is capable of finding joy by building relationships with many different people.


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