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July 6, 2019
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July 8, 2019
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I get infatuated very easily

I get infatuated towards smart boys very easily but I have never told any guy that I like him. But there is a friend of my brother whom I see every day and that’s the reason I like him a lot. Due to this infatuation problem I am unable to focus on my studies. What should I do?

At the age of 14 you have rightly used the word ‘infatuation’ to describe your emotional response to “smart boys” and you have avoided the mistake of telling them about your feelings. Infatuation is a sudden attraction towards people of the opposite sex which makes it difficult to concentrate on studies and other family duties. This attraction quickly comes and goes towards different boys. It has nothing to do with real love, which is a deep commitment of fidelity between adult people. Now there is a friend of your brother whom you “see every day” and you started liking “him a lot”. You are also getting infatuated with him and emotionally disturbed as you see him often. If your brother understands the situation he will be very displeased with you for getting involved with one of his friends and may complain to your parents. This could cause an unpleasant situation in your family.


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