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July 6, 2019
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July 6, 2019
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I feel shy and nervous

I feel shy and nervous to walk through when boys are standing in a group on the way. As I am overweight, I feel shy to participate in any function in school. I hate going out, especially alone, because whatever outfit I wear never suits me. This is why I feel awkward to communicate with others. I always have the feeling that people will make fun of me because I am obese.

I can see that you feel very embarrassed and extremely conscious that you are overweight and hold yourself back from doing many things that you enjoy.

It would be good to visit a doctor to find the cause for your excess weight. If there is no medical cause, you can seek guidance about a diet and exercise routine from the doctor or a nutritionist.

It is important to love and accept yourself if you want others to love and accept you. So, highlight the positive aspects of both your personality and your body. For example, you may have wonderful eyes, and with a little kajal you can highlight their beauty. Work on developing a kind and friendly attitude. Wear a smile and greet others.

Develop your sense of style. Ask a trusted friend to help you choose outfits and accessories that suit you. Today, Plus Sizes have their own flattering fashion styles! Build your confidence and your shyness will disappear slowly. Remember, only you can bring out the best in you!


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