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September 4, 2019
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September 4, 2019
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I feel nervous to propose her

I am in love with a girl and feel nervous to propose to her. In this situation I am not able to focus on my studies and my percentage is deteriorating. This year I have to appear for my board exams. What should I do?

You’re torn between your studies and your heart. And the heart ends up winning. But your mind does know that your board exams are a priority.

Do you already know this girl? Or are you mooning over her from a distance? Either way, right now is the time to have a light-hearted friendship and get to know her if you can. If not, you need to be a bit firm with yourself, and put out of your mind for a while.

Your future is more important and studies come first this year, and up to Class XII. Think about it…wouldn’t you like to do well in your exams and take up a good career? It will certainly impress a girl if you work hard for your success.


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