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August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019
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I feel he is cheating me

I love a boy and we have been in a relationship for the past two years. But now I feel he is cheating me. I don’t feel like talking to him. Whenever we talk we fight a lot. He has changed a lot and so have I. I want to save our relationship but there is no love left. What should I do?

From the tender age of 12 you have been in a relationship with a boy for the last two years and claim that you “love” him. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, now you do not trust him and feel he is cheating you. Love is built on mutual trust, not on doubts. It seems you are not yet ready for a committed love relationship as you “don’t feel like talking to him” and “fight a lot” with each other. If you want to save your relationship, just look at each other as good friends, not as lovers. Friendship is a beautiful form of love which is not exclusive and respects each other’s freedom. It could happen that, in the course of time, this friendship may grow into a mature, committed love relationship.


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