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August 2, 2019
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I feel guilty about what I did

I am in Standard X and due to some of my bad habits I started drinking alcohol for the past 2 months. A few days ago, my mother scolded me when she found out and slapped me. That day I was speechless and I am really feeling very guilty about what I did. My parents are not talking to me. They have banned my every freedom. My mother started crying and that’s why I am so sad. What should I do so that my parents forgive me and we all again start living a happy life?

Drinking alcohol is really a bad habit that can lead to addiction: a compulsion to drink more and more. Alcoholics become a burden to their families and to society, useless and even dangerous. This is why your parents are very upset with you as they came to know that you “started drinking alcohol for the past 2 months”. If some of your friends introduced you to this habit you should not mingle with them anymore. Tell your parents that you are sorry and will never again drink alcohol. If you are “really feeling very guilt” about what you did ask for forgiveness from your parents, promising never to do that again. Concentrate on your studies as you are in standard X. if you parents see you focused on your studies and avoiding bad friends they will forgive and you all will “again start living a happy life”. Anyone can make mistakes in life, but if one repents and changes he can be forgiven.


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