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September 23, 2020
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I don’t have any friends

I’m in Class IX. I had a girl friend, but broke up and now I don’t have any friends. I’m feeling sad. Help me.

You must be upset after your break-up. It is necessary to overcome your loss. Be open about your feelings to someone you trust. Do not feel bad about yourself and remember that you are not alone. Think about the good things about yourself. Take care of yourself with proper food and sleep. Divert your mind by doing things you like. Initiate efforts to talk to others and make new friends. Give yourself time to get over your loss. It is okay to cry – letting out your feelings is very important. Remember that things will change if you help yourself. Focus on your studies and do your best. If you still find it difficult to overcome your sadness meet a counsellor or a therapist to help you out.


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