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December 16, 2019
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December 16, 2019
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I don’t have a social life

I am 18 years old, and I just completed my first year of college. This summer to take summer classes due to which I stay busy with my course work. I also have a part-time job due to which my schedule is hectic. My grandparents have lots of expectations from me, but they don’t see how much I’m struggling with life. I don’t have any social life. The only thing going on in my life is work and study. This gets me so frustrated, and my morale falls. The problem is that my grandparents don’t let me have a social life; they only want me to study and work which frustrates me. Sometimes I even feel depressed. Please help me.

You are living with my grandparents who care for you and have lots of expectations from you. The problem is that your schedule is hectic due to your commitments: summer classes and a part-time job. I do not know what happened to your parents but I presume they are not in position to help you and cover your expenses. No doubt you and your grandparents are struggling with this situation. You are now worried that you don’t have a social life; your life is work and study. You should decide what is most important in your life in this particular situation. You have a choice between completing your education and earning enough to build your future or giving up all that and search for social life. The best choice for you in this moment is the first one; while studying and working you will build many relationships which will keep you in touch with the surrounding community and local culture. You can socialize while studying and working. Be grateful to your grandparents for taking care of you and build good friends among your fellow students and workers.


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