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June 26, 2020
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I do not see satisfying scores in Maths

I’m in Class X, and my Boards are nearing. I have been doing my best for my examinations, but I do not see satisfying scores in Maths. Though I prepare well, I get very tensed and confused while writing the examination. How can I overcome this?

Examinations are important, especially in Classes X and XII. To do well in your examinations, you need to be relaxed and confident. Although you are well-prepared, fear pulls your confidence down and contributes to your bad performance. Do not study till the last minute. Practise sample papers and sit for model examinations to develop confidence. Do not worry about the results. Visualise model examinations as the Boards. It will help build confidence and reduce anxiety. Take time to find out where you are going wrong and initiate steps to not repeat the mistakes. Practise breathing exercise and meditate for a few minutes every day to stay calm and focussed. Remember that these are among the few examinations in your life. A healthy diet, regular physical exercise and good sleep are every important. Self-motivation and hard work will help you do your best.


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