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August 6, 2019
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August 6, 2019
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I do not have enough courage

I am a student of Std IX and I want to share my views about my career with my parents but I do not have enough courage to talk about it to them. I want to become an actor and enter Bollywood but my parents do not know about this and the reason that I can’t tell them about this is that they want me to study well and become something in life. They always acknowledge me in the matter of studies but never think beyond studies. They are also right but how could I tell them about my goal in life?

Achieving a good education and becoming an actor and entering Bollywood are not incompatible. It is not enough for a good actor to have a handsome face and a good baby; he should also be talented and intelligent. As you are a student of Std IX I suggest that you take care of your studies as your parents desire, and make them happy. If God wants, in future, you may have the opportunity to meet someone who will help you to enter the film industry and become an actor. Your good education will always be useful for coming up in life and achieving your goals.


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