My problem is that my parents keep on comparing me with my sister and ask me to study all the time
January 16, 2020
I get very tensed and angry when I am asked to study all the time
January 16, 2020
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I create timetables, but it doesn’t work for me

I am in Class IX. I have dreams and aspirations. Till Class VII, I was the class topper. But since then, I haven’t been studying properly. My parents are supportive. I even create timetables, but it doesn’t work for me. Can you please help me?

It’s good to have dreams and aspirations in life. It helps us have a goal and work towards it. Dreams have to be realistic and achievable. You are good in academies and there could be certain reasons contributing to the drop in performance. As you go to higher classes, studying effectively is very essential. Although you are creating timetables, they may not be working due to various reasons. It is very important that you find them out. The reasons could be lack of time management, distractions, unhealthy study patterns, health issues, and lack of sleep and proper intake. Also, when you prepare timetables, remember that if you plan too many things, you may not able to complete them, and you will be disappointed. Do not compare yourself with others. Look into your strengths. Introspect and make necessary changes. Avoid procrastination. Be consistent and clear with your plans. Work with a positive attitude.


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