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October 4, 2018
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I can’t stop thinking about what the future holds for me.

The fear of failure is making you edgy. There is no reason why a good student like you will not do well at the class 12 exams. As you have rightly realised, there is still plenty of time before you come face to face with the reality of the exam. It’s time that you told yourself that negative thoughts do hamper performance.

Worrying about the exams and wondering whether or not you will do well is the cause for anxiety and headaches. Since you are hassled you will only think about failures. As a result, you will be distracted and find it difficult to focus on your studies. You will find it difficult to remember all that you read. This in turn will cause more anxiety and panic. This sets off the chain reaction and you begin to forget and feel miserable, all over again. The only way to overcome these headaches is to learn to relax. Try the following things:

  • Relax all the muscles of your body, loosen them up and sit in the most comfortable relaxed position possible in a chair or a reclining one. You may even lie down in bed. During this period don’t think of anything. Empty your mind of any thoughts.
  • Take a deep breath. Inhale slowly until you feel a beautiful pleasant feeling inside your head. This happens when the oxygen goes to the brain. Now slowly exhale while continuing to relax.
  • Repeat this slowly and in the most comfortable way for around five to six times. Do keep your eyes closed during this exercise.
  • Gradually, open your eyes and get back to your sitting posture. You will feel like a new person. Your head will feel light and wonderful. The negative thoughts would have vanished by this time.
  • Now pursue your work at a pace that suits you. You can then take a five-minute break. If you feel tense again, return to the exercise. Otherwise, resume work right after the break.
  • Organise your course and lessons in such a manner that you complete the easy sections before moving onto the difficult areas.
  • Whenever you have a doubt, mark the lesson and keep it aside to seek clarifications from your teacher.
  • During all this, don’t think about next year’s exam. Focus on your work. Do not worry about the results.

         Adopt this strategy with a bit of discipline and very soon you will see your tension and anxiety disappear.


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