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August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019
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I cannot stay without her

My girlfriend and I love each other so much that we cannot stay without each other for weeks or days. After I passed class X, I went to a different place and was staying in boarding and I could not talk to her for more than a month. During my holidays, I went to my hometown to meet her but she said that I didn’t like her anymore and so she got a new boyfriend. What should I do to get her back? I can’t stay without her and my study grades are going lower and lower. Please help me.

Being frequently physically close to each other is not necessarily a proof of love. Even husband and wife sometimes have to live separately because of work problems or other family problems. What matters is that their hearts should be united in an unbreakable bond. When you couldn’t meet her “for more than a month” she suspected that you “didn’t like her anymore and so she got a new boyfriend”. As she can happily stay without you, you should concentrate on your studies as your “grades are going lower and lower”. Obviously she was not in “love” with you. Respect her feelings and learn from this experience.


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