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September 8, 2020
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September 8, 2020
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I cannot do anything independently

I am in Class IX. I live with my grandparents. They are very strict, and keep doubting me. I cannot do anything independently. At school, I don’t have friends to talk about my depression. Further, though I’m the second rank holder in the class, my teachers are forcing me to score centum in the subjects, but I’m not interested in that. And, another problem is that I have a crush on a boy, and I don’t know how to handle this situation. During class hours, I find myself distracted, thinking about the boy. I am depressed. Please help me.

You are in your teens and it’s natural that you would like to have the freedom to explore the world around. Your grandparents belong to a different generation, and so it seems to be difficult for them to understand your needs as a child of this generation. In order to gain their confidence, be honest and open in your communication with them and express your feelings to them. Ask them to help you out. You could also seek the help of any trusted adult to talk to your grandparents. Although their concerns may be genuine, they may not be able to look at it from your perspective. It is very important to have friends you can share your feelings with. During adolescence, it is natural to have attractions. Do not lose focus on your goal. It is a passing phase, and you will be able to handle it much better when you talk to someone. Give yourself some time for relaxation. Take up a hobby, read healthy books, be involved in a physical activity regularly. You are academically good, so fix a goal and work towards it. Do not get carried away by external pressure. Do your best. Only if you are physically and mentally strong, can you do your best.


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