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December 16, 2019
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December 16, 2019
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I am very close to my friends

I’m very close to my friends and my friend circle consists of both boys and girls. Until last year we all were very close but this year I don’t know what happened – they are all not talking to each other and can’t see each other. The boys talk rubbish about the girls and the girls talk rubbish about the boys. I’m confused about which side I should be on – girls or boys. What should I do? I want the old group back!

During the teenage many things change fast; even relationships. In a few years boys and girls mature physically, emotionally and intellectually. No wonder their approach to each other changes and this can generate confusion. Choose a few good friends carefully and spend time with them, sharing your life and experience with them. Discuss with them your doubts and confusion; they too will share with you. Slowly you will understand how to relate to girls and boys and decide how to approach them. Look at the future more than the past.


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