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July 9, 2019
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July 10, 2019
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I am tired of being alone

I have never been in a relationship in my life. I feel lonely because all my friends have boyfriends and I don’t. I always feel that I’m not beautiful enough even though I try to be but I’m tired of being alone with no one to share my feelings with. My friends aren’t there when I need them. What should I do?

It is sad to read that you have no one to share your feelings with and therefore you need a boyfriend because your friends aren’t there when you need them. At the age of 15 don’t you have parents and other family members to love and care for you? If you cannot be in a relationship with your own family how can you be in a relationship with a boy of your age who does not have experience of life? Have patience for a few more years and share your problems and difficulties with a adult people whom you trust, before entering into such relationship.


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