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September 24, 2018
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I am keen to pursue a career in home science-particularly in nutrition. What are the career options in this field?

Dietetics and nutrition are now stepping-stones to high-profile careers in the government, with foreign agencies, at hospitals, schools, colleges, health centers and even in the media. Dietetics is the study of balanced food and helps in identifying the food value of different items and problems arising out of their deficiency. Meaningful job opportunities exist in the field of research, treatment and cure, and community nutrition.

Government and foreign agencies, and hospitals run research  projects. A host of community-based projects are functioning with the help of government and foreign aid. International agencies like the World Food Programme have operations across the globe and recruit nutritionists for the planning and implementation of their programmes. Multinationals like Kellogs and Nestle require nutritionists for their research and quality control departments. Hospitals require dieticians to plan menus for patients and keep a quality check on the canteen food. Fitness centers in cities also employ dieticians on their panels. Niche publications and newspapers too devote a lot of space to health and nutrition, hence the scope for writing on such themes. Of course, one can also teach the topic at a school or college.


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