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I am indulging in social media too much

I am a 16-year-old girl and I feel that I am indulging in social media too much. Whenever I sit to study I always begin thinking about what my friends are doing on social media at that time and this makes me touch my phone repeatedly. And I start getting involved in long chats with them. This is causing a great hindrance to my studies. I have tried many times but I am unable to prevent myself from using social media. How can I lessen the use of mobile phones so that I can concentrate my time well on my studies?

You are well aware that you are “indulging in social media too much” and that this habit “is causing a great hindrance” to your studies. I am sure that your parents are not happy with your waste of time and are advising you to concentrate more on your studies. At the age of 16 you should feel responsible and serious about your duties as a student and as a child of your parents. You are acting as an addicted person who has no freedom of choice. Your love for your parents and for God should motivate you to take a firm decision about this problem. You could hand over your phone to your parents, asking them to give it to you only for a short time and for necessary calls. Remember also that it is your duty to help out at home. This will prove that you are serious about your home.


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