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I am good academically and I am also very serious all the time

I am in Class VIII. I am good academically and I am also very serious all the time. Even if one of my friends tries a prank on me or teases me. I take it very seriously and threaten them that I would complain to the teacher. Even my parents have told me that this is my childhood and that I should have fun. I want to, but because of my behaviour, nobody wants to talk to me. I am also scared that if I change my behaviour in any way, it would affect my academics. Please help me change my behaviour without it affecting my academics and to get my friends back.

You seem to an excellent student. Do not fear losing friends because of the change in your behaviour. In fact, when you are in good terms with your friends, your relationship will improve and you will be happy. Your academics will not get affected as long as you do not lose your focus. Teasing for fun can be taken in the right spirit as long as it is not abusive. Being over-sensitive even for small things will irritate others and will also give room for more such situations.

Here are a few suggestions to handle your sensitive nature:

  • Self-comparison: Love yourself and be clear about yourself
  • Mindfulness: Being aware of the situation is very helpful.
  • Acceptance: Be open and accept the situation. By doing this you become resilient.
  • Perspective: Do not judge situations. Look at it from different perspectives without being narrow-minded. This will help you think with a positive attitude.
  • Daily journaling: Write down your feelings every day to help you manage your emotions. You will meet people with different cultures and lifestyles. Be clear on your values and limitations. Learn to be firm yet flexible. It is natural to have such feelings, but we must take steps to manage them properly.


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