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I am confused between the two

I am in Std. XII (Humanities) with an interest in history. What are the possible career options in the field of history? I am also interested in advertising and am confused between the two. Please help.

History graduates work in a wide variety of areas, e.g., business, law, politics, social service, and education. These areas may not be directly related to history, but students of history develop valuable skills in research, analysis, and oral and written communication and use this training to work in an environment suitable and use this training to work in an environment suitable for their personalities and interests.

Knowledge of history is also an asset in journalism. Newspapers and journals often give assignments to historians for the preparation of background material to enlighten the public on the historical importance of an event. History is very popular choice for various competitive examinations at state and central level like the civil services.

Advertising is a glamorous, fast-paced, high profile but serious business. An advertising agency utilizes professionals with a wide variety of talents and skills to develop memorable advertisements that promote sales for the client company. It can be a satisfying career for those who enjoy variety, excitement, creative challenges, and competition.

Though advertising offers opportunities to meet high profile people, to see their work in print, and has many perks, it is hard work and the pace is frantic. The deadlines are firm and the field is very stressful. Within the limited time, you need to show creativity and results. It’s a tightrope-walk on an everyday basis.

For a career in advertising, you need to imaginative business-oriented and be able to communicate persuasively, both orally and in writing along with an outgoing personality. On the other hand, history-related careers require proficiency in reading comprehension, writing and speaking, ability to analyse historical data and correct research.


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