I am a student of Std VII. I want to make career in tour management. What steps should I take?
June 27, 2019
I want to be an astrophysicist. What should I do after Std X? I will be giving any Std X exams this year. Which colleges will be good for admission?
June 28, 2019
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I am a student of Std X. I am really interested in literature and would like to pursue my career in this field. Please help me with a list of career options, courses and colleges in this field.

Literature is a vast and engaging field. But the career path after college is somewhat undefined, largely because there’s so much you can do with a degree in literature.

Many of the skills, obtained through the study of English, are highly prized in every job or profession. These are: being able to write well; to convey meaning precisely; to argue and debate; to read pages of prose and pick out the essential points; to persuade others of your point of view; to think and act creatively.

Media can be a good fit for an English literature graduate, as they offer a good way to apply your knowledge of the written language. These skills will also serve you well in advertising and marketing. Teaching in another option; from primary education right up to college, the English subject is considered important at all stages.

Publishing is an area that is coming up fast, and those with a literary bent of mind should definitely consider it. You’ll probably start off as a proof-reader, but who knows, you may be editing a best-selling novel in the years to come!

Creative writing and even technical writing is yet another option. A career in technical writing does not require a scientific or engineering background, but it does require an excellent command of the English language and the ability to write logically, clearly and accurately.

Translation is yet another area, especially if you’re familiar with another language besides English. Due to their improved skills, even advertising and PR agencies find literature graduates suitable for their work.


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