I am interested in Commerce and my aim is to do C.A.
July 13, 2019
I want to become a journalist and pursue higher studies in broadcast journalism.
July 13, 2019
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I am a class 12 student with PCB as my subjects. I am preparing for MH-CET entrance but would like to know other career options for this line as well. And a few study and concentrations tips, too.

After 10+2 with PCB, you can go for various healthcare careers like physicians, pharmacists, therapists, nursing and medical technologists. But besides these, there are several other general career areas for biologists. The growing emphasis on environmental preservation is creating another career path for biologists: conservation, wildlife study and occupational safety. Those having an interest in computers can also go for Bioinformatics, a field that promises to change the way we diagnose and treat diseases and provide healthcare.

To increase your concentration, the first thing is to switch your phone off or put it in another room! Don’t consume too much tea or coffee. These have caffeine that gives you more strength for some time but soon leaves you sluggish. Speak out loud instead of simply reading. Drawing diagrams will help you to visualize information which would be hard to describe. This creates a visual memory in your mind which can be recalled in an exam.

For better productivity, take a short break after every 45-50 minutes of study as your focus and concentration will become impaired after this period. Lastly, make sure to get adequate rest and sleep well. When you sleep, your studying, so getting a good night’s sleep will help you remember those pesky maths formulas you need for your exam!


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