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I always feel ignored and lonely in class

I am a boy studying in Class 11. I always feel ignored and lonely in class. I try to change my mind and attitudes but I don’t know the reason for this. Although I am handsome and muscular physically, I don’t have a girlfriend.

You really want to belong and make friends in your class, but don’t know how to go about it. Perhaps people see you as aloof? Make the first move: Wear a smile and look welcoming. Greet others warmly.

Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on the other person: Ask more and tell less. They will slowly begin to know and like you ask about you once they find you

Learn the art of conversation: Pick up a topic that seems to interest the other person, e.g; music and ask about the singer/group, music style, songs and what they enjoy most about it. Each response can lead to more exploration and sharing.

Be up-to-date on current topics; yet don’t hesitate to show you don’t know It’s a great conversation starter you say, “Hey, I don’t know much…how about telling me about it?”

People are intelligent. So it is not your looks, your physique and how you appear to others that will attract a girl or other people to you. It is the real person within.


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