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September 4, 2019
I get jealous when my best friend is with her
September 4, 2019
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I always feel alone

When I was in Std VII my childhood best friend had to move away because his father was transferred. After that I entered into a relationship and then broke up. I remained upset and couldn’t decide my feelings. My mood swings became so high that I started hurting myself to remove my frustration. I always feel alone and start crying. I want my friend back. I want to get out of my loneliness and frustration and to stop hurting myself. Please help me out.

When you were in standard VII you had a “childhood best friend” and were happy. Subsequently he “had to move away because his father was transferred”. After that you started feeling upset, frustrated and lonely. You even “started hurting” yourself to remove your frustration. In your letter you do not mention anything about your family; don’t you have mother, father, brothers or sisters? Did you not feel loved and cared for by them? You are presently 14 years old and at this age your security and happiness should be in a relationship with them. Friends come and go, but family is always with you and you are never lonely. If you have lost your family, I am sure someone else is taking care of you with love. Have patience and grow in age and experience. In life we cannot always have all that we want: “I want my friend back”. After going away with his father that boy never contacted you and has moved on in his life. You too should move on; start a new good and loving relationship with people around you and your loneliness will go away.


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