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July 11, 2019
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July 12, 2019
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How will I get job in India after studying at USA?

I’m a second year student of Sacramento City College and my major is Biochemistry. I feel that studies in India are better than in the U.S. I am thinking of moving back to India after studies. Please suggest some major or field of study that will get me a well-paid job in India if I get the degree from USA.

Biochemistry career opportunities can be virtually limitless; private research institutions, hospitals, government organizations all hunt for good biochemists. Their goals are usually similar – to research, experiment, conduct trials and find cures for diseases like cancer and AIDS and even mental disorders.

Mainly, there are three specializations. In medicine, they identify the causes of disease, understand their effect on the body in chemical terms and try and isolate the indicators that signal impending disease. This requires tracking chemical changes through normal bodily functions like muscle contraction, respiration, etc. in the field of agriculture, biochemists are developing cultivation innovations, improving pest control and optimizing crop storage. Another popular field is nutrition, where a biochemist’s job is to investigate the effect of various minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins on the human body.

It is always better to specialize but keep in mind that almost all the specializations require good research technique and the ability to combine and analyze information.


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