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January 24, 2020
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January 24, 2020
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How do I make my parents understand that I need to do things for myself?

I am 14 years old. My family has stopped me from doing anything – from reading books to riding a bicycle, though I have been performing well academically. My dad understands me well but my mom doesn’t. How do I make them understand that I need to do things for myself?

You must be upset that your mother does not understand your needs. Have you had an open conversation with her to understand what her concerns are? Her care and concern about you could be stopping her from understanding your interests. Reading good books and cycling should not be an issue as long as they do not impact you negatively. To help her understand your needs, talk to her. Seek the help of your father since he is supportive. Be open to your mother’s concerns. Give her the confidence that you will not compromise on your studies.


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