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How can I overcome this laziness, which I think developed when I was in Class IX?

I am in Class XII. I have a big dreams and good ideals about life. I love learning. I also feel motivated to work. But the problem is I cannot transform my thoughts into action. How can I overcome this laziness, which I think developed when I was in Class IX?

I appreciate your interest in wanting to achieve something in life and that you are motivated to work. A combination of both internal (satisfaction, etc.) and external (rewards etc.) motivation is essential. The laziness you feel can be altered with conscious effort. Here are a few tips:

  • Have a schedule: Planning your activities for the day, week and month is very important. Your plans have to be realistic and achievable.
  • Don’t overthink: When we keep thinking about our plans without getting started on them, we tend to lose a lot of time and get stuck.
  • Break it down into parts: When you look at anything as a large picture, you may get perplexed and tend to postpone it. Instead break it down into parts, and you will not feel the pressure.
  • Think about the benefits: There is no gain without pain. When we think about the benefits of any action, we will be motivated to do it.
  • Positive self-talk: Self-motivation is very essential to achieve your goal. Think positively and tell positive things about yourself, to stay motivated.
  • Exercise, sleep and diet: Proper physical exercise, a balance diet and seven to eight hours of sleep are essential to focus on your daily activities.
  • Avoid distractions: Take care to focus on your work and avoid distractions of any kind. Reduce screentime through mobile phones, television or similar devices.
  • Introspect your work: Self-analysis is very helpful. Introspect your activities and appreciate yourself for the good things. Take steps to make changes wherever necessary.


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