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November 13, 2018
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November 13, 2018
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How can I drag attention among the group.

I am not an introvert, but I can’t stand it if people don’t give me importance. I feel neglected at parties. How can I interact with people when they are discussing their own issues? How to get along with them, so that they give me importance?

You should stop thinking that you are the center of the world. Instead of thinking about yourself, start focusing on what other re talking about, what is the topic of their conversation and try to present your ideas about the topic concerned. People of your age usually want to talk about clothes, the latest fashion, studies future plans, latest happenings in the sports field, politics, films etc. Keep yourself updated by reading youth magazines, newspapers etc, so that you can express your views. Keep yourself abreast of these topics and join in the conversation of your friends rather than waiting for them to talk about your topic. This is the age when you start forming ideas, thinking differently and holding on to certain views on different topics. If you show your knowledge and contribute to the topic, they would welcome your ideas and the conversation will move on from there. Then you don’t have to worry that others are ignoring you.


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