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November 2, 2018
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November 9, 2018
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How can I control my daydreaming and stop thinking of idiotic stuff in free time?


Getting rid of thoughts that you do not like is entirely in your hands. Your mind is yours and you alone are master of it. If you decide not to allow the thoughts to bother you, only you can stop them. You can say ‘stop’ to yourself the moment the thoughts appear, and then for a while divert your attention to something you enjoy. In the beginning you may be able to stop the thoughts for a while but as you practice this technique you can get rid of them for longer periods and then permanently. Always remember that the mind is yours and you can stop the thoughts you don’t want the mind to ponder.

As for daydreaming, it is a kind of wish fulfilment. Many of our desires and wishes remain unfulfilled and in many cases we feel disappointed when something we want does not materialise. These unfulfilled desires at times appear in our daydreams. There is nothing wrong if you have an occasional short duration daydream. But if you do want to stop it, as I said earlier, it is in your hands to stop it by deliberately diverting your attention to something more meaningful and interesting.


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