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November 20, 2019
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November 21, 2019
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He tries to make me feel jealous

I’m 15 years old and studying in Std X. My boyfriend and I were together for the past four years. We both love each other. But these days his behaviour has changed. He has started ignoring me. One day he even slapped me because I was fighting with him. My friends have often told me to leave him but I didn’t because every time I tried to break up with him, he would apologize and then we would continue our relationship. But this time he went off. He would go with other girls and try to make me feel jealous. I love him truly and want him to forget everything and start afresh, but he never tries to focus on it. What should I do?

At the tender age of 11 you and that boy started what is commonly called “puppy love”; just a children’s game. Without knowing the beauty and strength of mature love, your relationship is now breaking up: “he is ignoring me”, “he even slapped me because I was fighting with him”, he tries to make you “feel jealous”. It will take more time for both of you to mature psychologically and emotionally in order to understand the meaning of true love. Stop trying to “start afresh” a relationship on which “he never tries to focus”. Do not waste your time and focus on more important issues of your teen age.


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