I still have feelings for him
August 2, 2019
He likes some other girl
August 2, 2019
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He only thinks of me as a friend

I confessed to my crush that I liked him but he said that he only thinks of me as a friend. He also said that he needs time for all this. When I spoke to my friend about this she told me that he already has a crush on some other girl what should I do?

You should appreciate the frank answer of your crush, who told you that he only thinks of you as a friend and nothing more. Respect his feelings and his freedom to enter into other relationships. At your age you need to grow from crushes (infatuations) into beautiful committed and respectful friendships. This will take some time and more life experience. At the age of 15, the fact that you like someone should not make you rush to unnecessary “confessions” of your emotional feelings and immaturity.


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