He only thinks of me as a friend
August 2, 2019
I need someone who will understand me
August 2, 2019
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He likes some other girl

I love a boy who was once my best friend. After two years of friendship I realized I loved him. I told him about it and he said he loved me, too. One day after three months he suddenly said that he liked some other girl. I am so badly broken because I love him so immensely. I can’t believe that he did this to me because I trusted him so blindly. He said he like me and wanted me as a friend. I can be friends with him but I know it is going to have a bad effect on my studies and I really don’t want to hurt my parents. I’ve stopped talking to him but a mere thought of him hurts me so badly. I just don’t know what I should do to forget him. I don’t have any best friend except him; neither do I feel like talking to anyone else.

You seem to be utterly confused about liking someone, being friendly with someone or “immensely” in love with someone. This is common at the age of 16 when girls and boys get infatuated with each other. This is happening to that boy, who told you that he loved you too and after three months said that he liked some other girl. He also said he liked you and wanted you as a friend. Your emotional attachment to that boy is blinding you and keeping you away from other friends as you do not “feel time for you to open your eyes and heart to many beautiful relationships in your life: first of all with God who loves you and then with your parents, family members, teachers and other youth of your age. Strengthen your bond with them, because keeping yourself aloof will not solve any problems. It takes time to mature intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.


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