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Exam pangs

I am a student of class X. I am always getting 6th or 7th rank. Though I aim higher, during exam time I just don’t feel like studying. I am very scared of not scoring high in class X examination. Please guide me.

You seem to be quite bright and intelligent as you are getting 6th or 7th rank. Continue working methodically and systematically, do your practice exercises the way you have been doing all along. Then you need to only revise at the time of exams.

But all this you should do without getting anxious that you may score lower than your expectations. It is important to remember that when we get anxious our efficiency level goes down considerably as anxiety and fears consume a lot of energy and very little is left for performance. So relax and take deep breaths whenever you feel anxious or scared and restart your work and go ahead methodically. This is one of the best ways of handling worries and anxiety about exams and not doing well in them.


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