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October 8, 2018
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October 8, 2018
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During Earthquake Scare


I have been wondering about the kind of trauma and problems being faced by a large number of people, especially the youngsters. Could you enlighten me?

It is indeed nice of you to show such care and concern for the quake victims, especially youngsters like you. It is traumatic for children and adults alike. It is agonising because over the years people have toiled and saved money to build up their homes and businesses as well as bring up their children. Young children, teenagers and youth who have been planning to study further or appear for certain examinations, etc., suddenly find that all their efforts and toils have been destroyed in  few seconds. They are shocked, frustrated, angry and totally devastated by these sudden happenings. They don’t believe that this has happened to them. There is total dismay and helplessness at this natural calamity where humans could do nothing.

Initial shock over, most people try to get over their grief at the loss of their near ones and try to look after those who are alive for which they gratefully thank the Almighty. Many suffer from what is called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. The essence of this is a delayed distress response to a very atypical and significantly traumatic event. They may show both anxiety and depression. Some need very specific psychological help as they have lost not only all their belongings but their nears and dears and thus feel totally lost, helpless and highly distressed.

However most people try to come out of their grief and work towards normalising themselves as they were before the tragic event occurred. What is perhaps most important is to draw oneself out of the tragedy, start organising one’s daily activities and learn to think and behave positively.


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