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Don’t take stones from this island!

Ko Hingham in Thailand is a small uninhabited island which according to Thai mythology, the gods decided to adorn with precious stones. But Tarutao, a Thai deity, is said to have placed a curse onto the island. Any visitor who dares to take even a pebble off the island would be cursed forever! Each year the National Park office, which manages the island, receives dozens of stones returned via mail. The stones of Koh Hingham must stay on Koh Hingham or you risk the wrath of Tarutao!

Even though you cannot take the stones home, you can play with them within the boundaries of the island for as long as your inner child wishes to do so. Thai people, for example, use them to build miniaturized cheddis and kneeling in front of them, they lay their most ardent wishes and prayers. Less mystically, tourists write short messages in black and white such as flower-powers and I-love-yous. Come and do the same, just leave the stones behind.


Picture Credit : Google

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