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November 13, 2018
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November 13, 2018
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Does contentment in life stops progress ?

I am always unhappy about something or the other and am always cribbing. I want to be content. But some of my friends say that if I am content I will never progress in life. Is that true?    

It is indeed remarkable that you are aware you are unhappy and that you crib. When you are aware about it, it is only a question of self-introspection as to why you are unhappy. Is there any specific reason or event that makes you unhappy? You can find this out if you felt unhappy and see what event led to this. For all that you know it may be a trivial event about which you really need not have bothered. Also give a thought to your cribbing – what are you cribbing  about and whether the cribbing is justified. As you start thinking and analysing on these lines, you will automatically give up being unhappy and cribbing all the time.

As to the question of contentment, one must have a goal and should put in efforts to reach the goal using one’s own intellect, skill and efforts. Being unhappy and cribbing more often than you yields negative rather than positive results.


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