Dilemma : Will my ward ever come back if I send him/her out of country for higher studies?
November 12, 2018
What should students take heed when Abroad?
November 12, 2018
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Dilemma : Will my child be safe out there? When will send him abroad to higher studies?

“ We want to protect her for a long as we can,” says Dolly Malvai. “ But we realised that she would never be able to walk alone in life if we continued to shield her. We have to trust her and let her go.” Almost all Indian parents feel that their children severely lack the latest information, are ignorant of modern trends, and are immature and too inexperienced to take a rational career decision. They worry whether, once out of their reach, they will be able to guard themselves against everything that is “evil”. But Mrs Malvai felt that this was an occasion where she could show her daughter how much she trusted her, thus giving a tremendous boost to Rhea’s self-confidence.

 For Mrs Goel, the fear of racial discrimination was a very real deterrent. However, she felt that they had many relatives in the UK who could extend help if their child faced problems.

 A noted Delhi psychologist, Dr Shukla Shree Gupta says, “ Social and cultural differences can be the cause of depression, but this is a passing phase in every student’s life. A student from a small town can feel intimidated by the atmosphere of a metropolitan city, even in India. Parents can help by trusting their children to take the right decision at the right time.”


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