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Dad or bridegroom ?


My parents have been divorced for 10 years now but they see each other often. I have been living with my mother ever since. However, my father has now decided to remarry. Now while I know that he is well within his rights to do so, I feel its a sort of cheating.

I agree that there had been a lot of acrimony between my parents earlier on but now I feel they have been able to evolve a nice arrangement in which both meet each other without any bitterness over previous quarrels.

However, if my father marries again, it will disturb this arrangement and then there will be no scope for any relationship between the two. How can I help retain the status quo? I feel very disturbed about the new development.

I can understand your predicament. However for 10 years they have lived separately and you have lived with your mother. You had no problems. Perhaps you feel concerned that your father remarrying you may not be able to meet him as often as you do now. Perhaps you don’t want your father to remarry at all. From your letter I cannot understand the real issue. If you don’t want your father to marry again, you could talk to him and find out the reasons for this action. Then you could express your own feelings and apprehensions about the issue. I am sure he will be able to arrive at a solution. Maybe you can talk to your mother, who may be knowing more about this matter and then come to a decision.

Once you know the facts and the implications, I am sure you will feel at ease because then it will be easier to accept reality with understanding.


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