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October 4, 2018
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October 4, 2018
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Can I get a scholarship in foreign universities?

Scholarships are very difficult at the undergraduate level. Most scholarships are given at postgraduate level and these demand excellent academic standards. Britain gives arguably the largest number of scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These can either cover all costs (tuition, accommodation, airfares and books) or can be partial scholarships. Some scholarships like Rajiv Gandhi Cambridge Bursaries, Chevening Shared Scholarships are for Indian students, while for some international scholarships, Indian students must compete with other international students to get them. The complete list of British scholarships is available with the British Council.

The USA also gives full or partial awards, based on need, merit and potential of the student. Thus, for example, Indiana University of Pennsylvania gives University Tuition Scholarship for undergraduate degree, which is only a partial tuition waiver for the course. The complete list of scholarships is available with the USEFI.

In Australia, it is very difficult to get a scholarship at the undergraduate level. However, a large number of scholarships are available at the postgraduate level, based on merit. The scholarships cover tuition fees. However, a few scholarships do exist for undergraduate students, like Beaufort College Scholarships for Class XII and Curtin University scholarships for undergraduate studies.


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