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November 13, 2018
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November 13, 2018
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By God’s grace

My parents were very fun-loving persons, but over the years, because of  financial constraints, have started believing in superstitions. They consult a pundit  for everything. In which direction should the puja  be done? They even believe in Vaastu  for home decor. They are now worried that the main door faces the wrong direction and that the kitchen is in the wrong part of the house. I want to tell them that it is not practical to implement large-scale changes in an ordinary household with limited means. But they are obsessed. Can you suggest a way out of this madness?

I do not know how old you are. Whatever your age, you must understand that in one’s life many behavioural changes occur due to a number of events that are at times very painful. Such events increase a person’s inclination towards superstitions beliefs and the tendency to depend upon God. In my view you should concentrate on your studies/ work and leave them to decide their course of actions,

Furthermore most people today believe in Vaastu and I am sure your parents do realise the economics of modifying various parts of the house. I am sure they will not do anything that will upset their on your lives. Have trust in them and I am sure things will change for the better. Despite all this, if you still want to do something about it, find a suitable and appropriate time and talk it over with them to express your concerns. I am sure their reply will bring about some comfort to you.


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