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November 9, 2018
I am a second year BE (Electronics and Communication) student. Please tell me what is the selection procedure to join the Indian army, and also when and where to apply.
November 10, 2018
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Bridging distances

I am a student of class XII. Because of certain household constraints I know I won’t be able to attend college after class XII. I will have to contribute to the family income at the earliest. But since I am keen to pursue graduation, I want to join a correspondence course. Are correspondence courses worthwhile?

Ideally, you should join a regular course. A college of repute will make a big difference to your CV. But if you are simply unable to join a regular course, then at least join a distance education programme of repute like IGNOU. Harp on the work experience that you gain in the next three or four years as a positive factor, something that has contributed to you learning. Don’t be apologetic about not being able to join a regular programme. Also, don’t stop your learning process after graduation. You can gain a post-graduate degree too. And as your family circumstances improve, you can take a break from studies and join a reputed programme like MBA or MCA, depending upon your field.


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