October 31, 2018
Lying is not fun
October 31, 2018
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Being bullied


I get bullied very easily. Nowadays, I have stopped talking to a good friend of mine because of pressure from another friend. I am feeling very bad about cutting off from this good friend. But if I start talking to her, my other friend will be very upset. How do I keep both the friends happy at the same time? I do not want to antagonize either of the two.

You are highly susceptible and don’t have confidence in your own decisions. This tendency to cling to someone to get his or her favor is an indication of lack of confidence. In this case that you have cried, all you have to do is start talking with your friend even if the first friend gets a little disappointed. That is, if you want to talk to her, do so. When you do things you want and what you think is right, others will begin to respect you for the same. But if you succumb to pressure from others to do things their way you will never be happy within. You can keep both your friends happy by beginning to talk with your friend and bringing her over to the other friend also. All three of you, I am sure, have lots in common, which you can share.


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