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October 31, 2018
I am a final-year student of BA (economics). What is the qualification and procedure for placement of women in the Indian Navy logistic cadre?
October 31, 2018
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Beauty is but skin-deep


I have just completed my graduation and hope to join my father’s business, alongside doing a masters’ course by correspondence. However, there is one thing about myself that totally shatters my confidence. I am troubled by my ugliness. I am hopelessly ugly. I have taken after my father’s family, so I am short and dark, with terrible features. When I look at my friends, I feel very jealous of them. I also feel angry with my parents for having given me such awful features. I fear that I will never get a good life partner because I am so ugly.

In this world, we have both good and not-so-good looking individuals and not much can be done to alter their basic appearance. Yet, there are parlours and salons that help you learn how to dress better and look smarter. I am sure that if you attend such a course for a few days you would feel more confident about your appearance. However, inner beauty, confidence and a fine character can make up for your uncomplimentary looks. Instead of thinking of your looks, try to think about your best qualities, character and achievements. Always think positive. If you start liking yourself for what you have, I am sure many of your difficulties will disappear and you will be able to achieve your goals.


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